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How to respond to a dispute?

How to respond to a dispute?
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September 28, 2023

Getting a dispute can be really frustrating, especially after all the hard work you put in.

Disputes are handled by the cardholders’ bank, and they require evidence to rule the dispute in your favor. Though ScanPay is not the decision-maker, we are there to help you respond in the best possible manner.

When you get a dispute, follow the following steps -

1 -  Contact your customer as soon as possible, and try to resolve the issue directly with them

- If you are able to resolve the issue, your customer will have to contact their bank and drop the dispute. The bank will then send a confirmation letter or email to your customer, confirming that the dispute has been dropped. You’ll have to submit this confirmation email/letter as evidence while challenging the dispute.

- If you are not able to resolve the issue by speaking to your customer, proceed to Step 2.

2 - Decide to accept or challenge the dispute

Now that you have more clarity and details regarding the dispute, you have to decide whether you want to accept or challenge the dispute.

Ask yourself the following questions -

- Has the customer contacted their bank to drop the dispute?

- Is the customer’s claim valid?

- If not, do I have the evidence required to disprove the claim?

Next, follow these steps -

- Go to the ‘Disputes’ section in your ScanPay app

- Select the relevant dispute

- Click on ‘respond to dispute’

You’ll be asked a question - ‘Would you like to challenge the dispute?’ Select the appropriate option -

Option 1 - No, I would like to return the disputed amount to the customer

This option submits a response to the customer’s bank that you accept the dispute and are forfeiting the disputed amount back to the customer.

Option 2 - Yes, I would like ScanPay to challenge this dispute

This option opens up ScanPay’s dispute response form, where you have to submit evidence of service delivery. Proceed to Step 3.

3 - Provide evidence of product or service delivery

Its now time to submit evidence to the customer’s bank. Note that you have only one opportunity to submit your response. ScanPay immediately forwards your response to the customer’s bank and you cannot edit the response or submit additional files later.

Follow these steps -

- Fill out the form on the “Provide Evidence” page after step 2.

- Tell us why you believe the dispute is an error and why you should win it. Selects the option that best represents your reasons of winning the dispute.

- Mention your comments in the textbox - This is your chance to provide your side of the story. The more it aligns with the evidence you upload, the better would be your chances of winning.

- Collate evidence and upload it in the space provided - Select the type of evidence you want to share with the customer’s bank, and upload the documents.

- If you have any additional evidence whose type is not mentioned in the list, please select ‘other’ and upload them.

Note - The more information and evidence you submit, the better your chances of winning the dispute.

For more info, check out Best practices for submitting evidence to challenge a dispute

4 - Review and submit the evidence

After reviewing the information you have provided, click the checkbox to acknowledge that your response is final.

After you click ‘submit evidence’, ScanPay automatically forwards all details to the customer’s bank for their consideration. At this point, you can’t change the details that you’ve submitted or provide any additional information, so make sure to include all relevant details.

5 - Follow the dispute’s status on your ScanPay app

After you submit evidence, the status of the dispute changes to ‘Evidence Submitted’ or ‘In review’. We’ll keep you updated whenever we get an update from the customer’s bank.

When the customer’s bank informs ScanPay of its decision, we inform you of the outcome by email, and the status of the dispute changes to ‘won’ or ‘lost’ accordingly.

- ‘Won’ indicates that the bank decided in your favor and overturned the dispute

- ‘Lost’ indicates that the bank decided in your customer’s favor and upheld the dispute

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