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Best practices for submitting evidence to challenge a dispute

Best practices for submitting evidence to challenge a dispute
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September 28, 2023

Disputes can be raised by customers in any business transaction, and they can be challenged and eventually won only by sharing solid evidence.

So, its important to be fully prepared and follow the best practices for submitting evidence :

1 - Communications with customer: Collate all communication that happened between you and the customer. This communication can be in the form of text messages, emails, or even social media exchanges. It's crucial to submit all relevant customer communications to provide a clear picture of the dispute.

2- Pictures: Pictures can be very powerful evidence to support a dispute. For example, if a customer claims that you did not complete a plumbing job, pictures of the successful outcome can be submitted as evidence. Similarly, if a customer claims that you never arrived for the service, pictures of the customer standing by your side can be submitted as evidence.

3 - Statement of events: A statement covering the chronological account of what happened during the transaction is used to tell the cardholder’s bank what the situation is, and why the dispute should be ruled in your favor. Include all relevant details, such as the transaction date, the services involved, and any communication that took place during the transaction. A statement of events provides a clear picture of the dispute and helps support the evidence.

4 - Other supporting documents: Documents such as invoices, receipts, contracts, or any other relevant documents related to the transaction can provide additional evidence to support the dispute.

The goal of your documentation package is to make your cardholder's bank quickly understand the entire situation and how it supports your claim. The more relevant evidence you provide, the better are your chances of winning a dispute.

In conclusion, submitting evidence is a crucial part of challenging a dispute. By following these best practices, you can put forward a strong case in your favor.

Important points to note -

- Please note that you can only submit images (jpg or png) or PDFs.

  • - Banks do not accept video files or audio files
  • - Banks do not accept outside links
  • - Banks do not accept links to file sharing services like google drive.
  • - Banks do not accept documentation in languages other than English

In case of any doubts, please write to us as disputes@goscanpay.com

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