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The Value-adding Factors of Mobile POS Systems

April 4, 2022

Mobile POS Systems

Mobile POS systems have, by and large, replaced cash registers and manual bookkeeping. These innovations have reduced human error, oversight, and fraudulent activity for smaller businesses that previously lacked a proper payment gateway. And that’s not all these apps have done.


Here’s how mobile POS systems have benefited small businesses and home technicians.


Shorter Wait Times

Establishments and food truck businesses using mobile payment systems have observed shorter wait times since introducing the technology. While the queue for customers waiting to order appears to be its stagnant self, the queue of customers waiting to pay is always on the move.


All the customers have to do now is scan the QR code you generate for them through their phone camera and make the payment from their digital wallets. They’re also issued quick .


Mobile payment apps boost sales and lead to higher returns overall. Discover the benefits they provide to small business and home service providers.


A Decided Boost in Sales


The faster your payment methods, the more customers you can serve within working hours. For instance, an electrician can take more jobs in a day if they email invoices and receive payments without waiting for the customer to find their wallet. They can just ask them to whip out their phones and make the payment there and then. By doing so, they can spare enough time to get in one or two more jobs.


Faster payments also make customers happy, leading to more sales and profit at the end of the day, week, month, year, and so on. They also lead to more tips for you and your employees, which certainly doesn’t hurt the business.


 A Graph Showing Steady Increase in Profit


Ease of Use

If you think older workers aren’t tech-savvy enough to make a digital transition to mobile POS terminals, think again. They might be more tech-savvy than their younger counterparts, which makes them easy candidates for these systems.


Mobile payment systems are designed for user experience. They don’t require a user manual because their interface is self-explanatory and transparent enough for absolute beginners.


To put this into perspective, as long as you’ve used a smartphone, you’ll probably know your way around a mobile POS device.


Flexible Payment Options

You won’t run into any problems with transaction options as far as our mobile payment solution is concerned. The ScanPay system supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, and even bank transfers.


Mobile payment apps boost sales and lead to higher returns overall. Discover the benefits they provide to small business and home service providers.

It’s the best payment app for handymen, home technicians, small businesses, and other home service providers and charges only a 2.5% transaction fee per payment.

You can also read our FAQs to find answers to any questions you may have about our contactless payment app.



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