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Scanpay Streamlines 100% Secure Contactless Payments to SMEs in the US via Stripe

January 24, 2022

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Connecticut, US – January 25, 2022: ScanPay is helping many small to medium business owners achieve their operational goals with an innovative mobile invoicing app. Their contactless method of payment has made financial transactions safer for both consumers as well as retailers. The use of their efficient app reduces many discrepancies in business dealings and streamlines overall organizational operations simultaneously.


Many small businesses failed to cope with the challenges created by the pandemic. When lockdown prevented customers from visiting retail shops, their sales revenue declined substantially, causing many to go out of business.


This situation has prompted many business owners to employ digital methods for payment in their physical and online stores. The most popular method is card transactions that require the customer’s sensitive financial information, making many of them feel reluctant to share this data with businesses and service workers.


ScanPay offers the perfect solution for all the above problems with its secure contactless transactions, powered by Stripe. This app can be used on any handheld device and makes business dealings more convenient in every sector. With ScanPay, there is no need for the customers to share their card details with any service provider.


According to a representative from ScanPay, “Our company understands the unique needs of service professionals and small business organizations. The features of our app are aimed towards simplifying payment options for small to large companies. Businesses can cultivate trust and loyal relationships with their new and existing customers by keeping their card details safe. Our goal is to help every small business achieve their sales targets and grow in profitability, with the use of digital innovation.”


For more information about the app, visit the website given below.


About ScanPay

The ScanPay app is available on both Google Play and the Apple Store for businesses to download without any subscription charges. The app takes 45 seconds to complete one transaction and saves time for consumers and business owners alike.


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ScanPay’s mobile POS app provides peace of mind to both the customer and the business owner by making payment methods more productive. Many companies around the US are using this app to improve organizational efficiency and increase their value proposition for consumers.



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