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Scanpay Provides a Mobile POS System to American Home Service Providers

March 21, 2022

Mobile POS System

The USA – March 22, 2022: According to a 2020 report by Reuters, the domestic work sector in the United States experienced the biggest casualties of the pandemic. The shelter-in-place orders put millions of landscapers, gardeners, nannies, caretakers, and domestic helpers out of a job, with some receiving no house calls for months on end.


The crisis left several workers homeless and starving and threw the failure of state policies to provide unemployment benefits to the working class into sharp relief. However, it also highlighted contactless payment apps like ScanPay, which rose to the occasion and provided affordable payment solutions to home service providers.


While discussing their rise to prominence, a ScanPay executive said, “We created ScanPay in response to the increasing demand for contactless and cashless solutions among small businesses, home technicians, home service providers, and professionals who couldn’t afford to create a payment gateway from the ground up. Call it good timing on our part or bad timing on the part of these sectors, but the testing phase of our app just happened to end when the virus was rampant, and the demand was practically skyrocketing.”


ScanPay continues to streamline safe and contactless payments for home service providers. In a recent press statement released recently, the company reiterated its commitment to safety, saying, “We’ll continue to be a free invoicing app for small businesses and individuals who rely on our non-subscription format to maintain positive cash flow. We’ll also continue to make sure they can trust us with sensitive information by strengthening our security software, one update at a time. Finally, we’ll always make sure our system is smooth-running and glitch-free, so our users don’t have to risk exposure by touching anything they shouldn’t be touching.”


More information about pricing format and QR codes for App Store and Google Play downloads are available for scanning on the website given below.


About ScanPay

ScanPay is an all-inclusive mobile payment system and invoicing app for small businesses, home technicians, and home service providers. The tokenized mobile payment app uses QR code technology to streamline contactless payments. The application is available for free downloads on the App Store and Google Play.


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The mobile payment solution offers an appealing alternative to card readers, providing every possible feature, including electronic invoicing, gratuity, and customer lists. It also supports several payment options, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, bank transfers, and credit and debit cards.



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