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Scanpay Helps Us-based Home Technicians Accept Digital Payments Without a Card Reader

January 17, 2022

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Connecticut, US – January 18, 2022: ScanPay offers a mobile digital payment app for contractors and other service professionals that makes financial transactions easier for all parties involved. Often referred to as the “best payment app for business”, it has become popular among many sectors and industries. The app is easy to use and can be operated on mobile phones and other handheld digital devices. Service workers have saved many operational expenses by using this innovative mobile POS app.


Plumbers, contractors, and home technicians usually receive payment in cash to avoid inconvenience. Due to this restrictive mode of payment, many of these service providers lose valuable business from homeowners.


The only digital options available for home technicians involve the use of a card reader, which is difficult to carry around for many. Most workers lose tips and additional payments due to a lack of equipment. Customers also avoid sharing their card details with these professionals due to safety concerns.


ScanPay’s mobile payment solution for handymen has emerged as the ultimate game-changer in the service industry. The use of this app does not involve a card reader or any other inconvenient device. Customers do not need to download this app, which saves time and effort in each transaction. Users only need to pay 2.5% of their transactional value.


According to a representative from ScanPay, “Our company realizes the excessive time and effort handymen put into their work each day. We wish to make financial transactions more convenient for every hard-working home technician around the country. Our transparent pricing allows maximum financial output from each project. It can prevent service workers from losing opportunities due to limited payment options.”


About ScanPay

The ScanPay app accepts various payment mediums, including Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, Visa, and MasterCard. The app features an easy interface and attractive customer-centric features.


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This app is helping many home technicians earn more tips and save on unnecessary transactional charges. There are no hidden fees, charges, or subscription requirements for ScanPay. It saves the user from any unnecessary bank visits and paperwork, with a quick and easy mode of instant payment.



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