Case Studies
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Aron, from Emergency Locksmith, found out payments could be cool!

ScanPay helps Emergency Locksmith give a better payment experience to his customers
Published on
September 6, 2023

Executive Summary

Denver-based Emergency Locksmith wanted a substitute for the card readers he kept forgetting. But he did not think he would end up giving his customers a better experience and more payment choices.


Aron, the owner of Emergency Locksmith, started his 24-hour locksmith business in 2018 with a clear focus on being customer-centric. He knows his customers are calling a locksmith as a last resort, so he drops everything to help them no matter the time.

But in his zeal to be punctual, he would often forget the little card reader he had plugged in to charge. Worse still is if he took the card reader but had forgotten to charge it.

“Fixing the customer’s problem is priority #1. But driving back and forth to pick up the card reader after the job is no fun - especially for a late-night job.” - Aron, Owner - Emergency Locksmith

Can payments be cool?

When he heard about ScanPay, which lets his phone be his payment terminal, he jumped to try it out. The cost savings definitely made it an easy decision to at least try. But he did not realize that his customers would love it too.

“Never thought I would hear comments like “Wow! that was easy” and “... this is pretty cool” about payments!” - Aron, Owner - Emergency Locksmith

And the cherry on top was that his cash-strapped customers got access to interest-free financing immediately, with no extra setup for him. ScanPay’s integration with Klarna means that he gets his money immediately while his customers pay off their bills in 4 interest-free instalments.

“I never even dreamed that I would be able to offer financing options. [With ScanPay] It just came bundled in, no extra setup or cost.” - Aron, Owner - Emergency Locksmith

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