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Scanpay Facilitates the Transition to Contactless Payments in the US

March 21, 2022

contactless payments in the US

The USA – March 22, 2022: Contactless payment systems observed a noticeable spike in sales during the lockdown. The mass-scale adoption of this technology was prompted by the growing consumer concerns about contracting the virus via secondhand transmission.


ScanPay was one of the many mobile POS systems that stepped up to the plate and provided an affordable transition to cashless and contactless payments in the US to small business owners, home technicians, and training professionals.


“With cases on the rise yet again, we’re only a hair’s breadth away from a new set of COVID-19 restrictions,” said a ScanPay spokesperson. “They’re already talking about it on the news, and it’s created quite a panic among businesses and professionals who rode out the pandemic without transitioning to contactless payments. We’ve had more sign-ups in the second quarter of 2021 than the first quarter and last year combined. And we’re absolutely ready for more.”


Since it first appeared in stores, the app has garnered mostly positive reviews for its user-friendly interface and bulletproof security infrastructure. The mobile POS terminal boasts a double layer of protection to ensure the safety of credit card information collected by Quick Response (QR) codes.


During a conversation about end-to-end encryption, a ScanPay developer said, “There’s no way a hacker’s going to steal anything because there has to be information for theft to occur. We encrypt data when it enters the user’s system and once again when it’s sent to the server. In other words, the receiver of payments can never store or access the customer’s credit card information. Even if the system is attacked by malware, the hacker won’t have access to sensitive data.”


More information about the mobile payment system and QR codes for downloading the app on the App Store and Google Play is available on the website given below.


About ScanPay

ScanPay is an all-inclusive mobile payment system and invoicing app for small businesses, home technicians, and home service providers. The tokenized mobile payment app uses QR code technology to streamline contactless payments. The application is available for free downloads on the App Store and Google Play.


Contact Details



Phone: +1 (332) 244-1754





The ScanPay app offers users various features, such as optional gratuity, electronic invoicing, and customer listing. It also supports some of the most commonly used payment options, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, bank transfers, and standard credit cards and debit cards.



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