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How to Use Your Smart Phone as a Digital Card Reader

January 10, 2022

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In February 2021, 85% of Americans were reported to own a smartphone. The statistics were a stark contrast to the 35% of Americans who owned a smartphone back in 2011. The new trend is indicative of the fact that most Americans are well-acquainted with the latest technology. Global statistics are no different. There are more than 6 billion smartphone users worldwide. With trends in online banking and online shopping, the figures are bound to demonstrate a significant increase by 2026.


If you’re an early millennial or a boomer, chances are that you’re still apprehensive about the digital billing opportunities that make modern businesses way more efficient. Today, mobile phone apps, credit and debit cards have made it possible for small and medium-scale enterprises to digitalize billing and payment methods.


Some of the best payment apps for home technicians and other workers are just a download away!


Here’s how you can use your smartphone as a digital card reader for online billing and payment transactions:


Download the App

To make your phone work as a card reader, you will have to install an online billing app. There are quite a few in the market that you can use. Apple Pay for iPhone, Google Pay for Android phones, or the new and popular ScanPay are great apps for safe mobile payments.


download option


Punch In the Bill

Once you’ve downloaded the app, it will inquire about your billing method. The next thing you’d do is punch in the charged amount in your app.


Scan Your Card

The mobile app will have a “Scan Card” option to help you pay. Simply ask your customers to press the icon and position their credit/debit card’s chip before the mobile’s camera.


The app’s scanner will scan your customer’s card, and that’s how they’ll be able to pay their bills. Make sure that your service accepts payments via cards.

Some of the best billing and invoicing apps for retailers are free to download. They charge the minimum for each transaction. For secure payments, opt for apps that secure mobile payments using QR codes. ScanPay is one such app that works brilliantly for vendors and merchants. It offers 100% secure payments with multiple credit card options. Visit the website to download the app.



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