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Halloween 2021: Trick or Treat With 5 Spooky Payment Practices

November 22, 2021

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According to a 2020 report by the Insurance Information Institute, consumers collectively lost $3.3 billion to identity fraud. The scares of Halloween may not be real, but if this statistic is anything to go by, the scare of choosing and using the wrong payment solution is quite realistic.


To mark All Hallows’ Eve, ScanPay brings you some of the scariest payment practices.


1. Hidden Charges

Hidden charges are a nightmare for small businesses. They eat you up from the inside out until there isn’t much left for you to do other than cut your losses and call it a day.


The pricing structure is the first thing you should check in a mobile payment app. It’s got to be transparent and state, in no uncertain terms, something along the lines of ‘no extra fees’. It’s only then that your month’s-end math will make sense.


Every business aspires to provide safe mobile payments to its clientele. This Halloween, learn what makes them unsafe for businesses and consumers.

2. Much Ado

Consumers like simple payment options. They’d much rather pay with cash than go through a poorly laid-out checkout process, with all kinds of distractions, popups, and redirects.


If you want your customers to return, treat them to a simple one-step payment gateway that remembers them the second time around. In other words, don’t make payments a cause for second thoughts..


 A Woman Pressing Her Card Against a Card Reader to Pay for A Delivery


3. Poor Security

In 2021, mobile fraud attempts took up 62% of the total fraud attempts, targeting mostly adults aged 50 and older. In Halloween-speak, there are only a few treats and abundant tricks in the world of eCommerce.


A secure mobile payment solution has extra layers of security to protect your customers from losing money. It has to have concrete anti-fraud tools and measures in place to safeguard

4. Little to No Customer Support

When things go bump in the night, you need customer support to be there to guide you through the unforeseen uncertainty. Radio silence from the payment solution provider can be scary and stressful when a customer is counting on you to sort out their payment issue ASAP.


Every business aspires to provide safe mobile payments to its clientele. This Halloween, learn what makes them unsafe for businesses and consumers.

Make sure the provider you’re signing up with has what it takes to provide instant help at all hours of the day. No matter what their services cost, hands-on customer service is truly priceless.

5. Prerequisites

Imagine making a customer pay you by asking them to download an exclusive app. If you can’t visualize it, odds are it’s never happened before, and there’s a good reason for that. Businesses are obliged to deliver solutions that benefit their target audience, lead to customer satisfaction, and increase sales.


Therefore, you must find a solution that supports your business model and caters to your customers in equal parts. Simplify the payment process, and you’ll automatically see an uptick in sales.

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