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4 Benefits of Contactless Payment Options for Home Service Providers

March 28, 2022

contactless payment for home service providers

Household services are jobs of a domestic nature requested by homeowners for the proper running and maintenance of their property. They include everything from cleaning to cooking, and basically, everything else that keeps a house in running order.


Contactless payment apps have made quick work of their hard labor. Here’s how.


1. Contactless is Hygienic

Domestic workers experienced a noticeable downtick in jobs due to pandemic restrictions. It’s not like they weren’t vulnerable before, but COVID-19 has left them with fewer homes to visit and increased their odds of getting the virus.


Although hygiene has always been a struggle for these professionals, it has never been as deadly as it is in the age of COVID-19. Unfortunately, money can harbor germs, including but not exclusive to the coronavirus.


Fortunately, they can now download a contactless payment app to accept cashless payments and reduce their odds of contracting a disease.


Home service providers stand to gain a lot from the contactless payments offered by mobile payment gateways. Keep reading to know the details.


2. Contactless Payments Save Time

Mobile payment systems do quick work for domestic workers because they’re quick, period. These apps accept payments via mobile phones, meaning a professional doesn’t have to waste precious minutes while a homeowner looks around for cash.


They can just scan the QR code with phones and pay for the services. The minutes you save up by accepting these rapid payments could add up to just enough time to accept another service or two.



 A Man in a Green T-Shirt, Jeans, Headphones, and Glasses, Weed Whacking Someone’s Front Yard


3. Contactless Payments Ensure Easy Cash Flow


Mobile payment solutions these days come with invoicing capabilities. The user can email receipts of their services to their client right there and then. They don’t have to wait till the day’s end to sit down, create manual invoices, and:


  • Work after-hours
  • Risk human error
  • Miss payments
  • Deal with delayed transactions


They get paid on the spot and receive the funds in their account within 48 hours. This ensures continuous cash flow, which certainly helps to pay the bills and meet other expenses.


4. Contactless Payments Attract More Jobs

According to a 2020 survey, over 75% of American cardholders prefer contactless technology because it reduces physical contact and exposure of any kind. Not only that, but COVID-19 has made most individuals so vary of contact, they’d much rather employ contactless and cashless services.


These are the people who’re likely to hire home services providers accepting all payments options, including PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, among others, with contactless technology.


ScanPay: The Best Payment App for Home Service Providers

The domestic service industry has been going through a rough patch since the first official wave of COVID-19. If you’ve been hit by the recession, we suggest increasing your sales by incorporating our mobile payment app into your COVID-19 policy. Download this secure mobile payment solution for free and pay a 2.5% fee every time you accept a payment.

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