Paying just a flat fee per transaction and nothing else, lets your business use the saved funds for other purposes.

The transition (to ScanPay) has been smooth and the human support has been excellent. A great flat rate and a user-friendly pc interface for reports. Highly highly recommend!

Noel Norwood II

Co-owner of Pop-A-Lock, West Texas

Misplacing those fragile card readers was always a huge blocker in accepting payments. [ScanPay] has saved me in gas and in time from having to travel to run a credit card or pick up a cheque. Instant Payouts have completely changed the way I work. I can now buy work supplies right away!

Jesus Garcia

Owner - JMG Handyman

Sometimes a moving crew had to wait almost an hour after the job was done if someone was not there at the office or if there was a problem with the payment. ScanPay streamlined my payments, made my customers feel more secure, and reduced the waiting time for crew members by 80%. ScanPay support is excellent! My customer champion from ScanPay is always available, no matter the time.


Around The Town Moving & Storage

We have been open for nearly 20 years and have partnered with insurance companies and people from all over the world to get direct digital dispatch. However, we never found a partner that was exactly right for payment processing. We have over 1,100 locksmith technicians, and every location handles processing a little bit differently. ScanPay has offered us the ability to standardize and streamline transactions, making them smoother than ever.

Robert Reynolds

Director of Operations at System Forward America