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The 3 Most Used mPOS Features

The 3 Most Used mPOS Features
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September 6, 2023

A smartphone offers various benefits, including an mPOS. A mobile point-of-sale is referred to a smartphone or an app that allows you to make the best use of your device for account management, payment receipt, and business bookkeeping. Read on to learn about some of the most popular mPOS features.

Easier Access to Tips & Service Fees

When you’re an essential service provider, you usually expect customers to show their appreciation for your work and services by offering tips and other similar rewards. However, many people aren’t able to meet this goal because they don’t have sufficient cash at hand. This ultimately eliminates a business owner’s opportunity to earn more from their high-quality services.

The good news is that mPOS is the perfect solution to this problem. These payment solutions allow service providers to earn more by providing customers with an efficient solution to paying tips and service fees through their smartphones. In fact, customers can use mPOS to add their preferred tip amount and also pay an additional amount for premium services.

Instant Invoice Generation

Another excellent feature of mPOS apps such as ScanPay is that they make invoice creation and generation speedy and convenient. Managing payments and recordkeeping can be overwhelming without the availability of a reliable mPOS.

mPOS systems like ScanPay have a tremendous feature through which you can instantly generate accurate and attractive invoices within three simple steps without needing hardware. Furthermore, an mPOS allows you to track payment statuses through the invoices you create.

Convenient Customer Profile Management

It can be challenging to remember essential consumer information based on the payments you receive from them. If you’re a frequent service provider for loyal customers, an excellent way to manage their profiles and payment records is through mPOS systems.

ScanPay allows you to keep a track of all customers within one place and add new customers within a few seconds.

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It’s safe to say mobile POS systems have significantly made business operations and customer experience better worldwide. If you’re a small business looking to stand out among competitors with the unique payment facilities, you offer for customers, feel free to check out how you can benefit from ScanPay. ScanPay is a leading mobile payment service for businesses that can be regarded as one of the best billing and invoicing apps for retailers.

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