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How to Run Your Handyman Business Entirely From Your Smartphone

February 21, 2022

Handyman Business

The process of managing your business can be made much easier using specialized applications and software. You can also run your handyman business through your phone by managing customers, writing notes, accepting online payments, tracking payments, and creating orders.


Additionally, digital documents have replaced paperwork which is more economical for your business. Specialized handyman software for mobile platforms is also easy to access.


Besides saving you the hassle of dealing with extensive paperwork, this technology can attract potential customers and make your business more efficient. Here’s a step-to-step guide on how to operate your business from home professionally.


Step 1: Get a Smartphone

Whether you prefer iPhones or Android phones, a smartphone will help you find a handyman app easily. In addition to providing immediate access to mobile-friendly websites, a smartphone can also save you from carrying your laptop everywhere.


An iPhone is easy to set up, secure, and easy to use, while Android phones offer a huge range of device options and greater flexibility.


Step 2: Get a Customer Management Software

The rating of a handyman app is based on how well it can manage clients. This feature not only allows you to manage customer orders but also get notifications of upcoming events and appointments. The software can help you build optimal routes and assess the time you spend driving through the traffic congestion on roads.


Some other benefits of a quality handyman app include generating automatic answers to customer questions, email payment receipts, structuring reports, online payment, and more.


Step 3: Use GPS Maps

When running a business, you often need to get to a client’s address. You can avoid the hassle of finding the location by installing GPS maps on your phone. Moreover, when using a high-quality specialized handyman application, it’s most likely to have navigation maps.


However, if the built-in GPS maps are missing in your application, you can also use third-party applications. In addition to offering the best route and calculating the time of arrival, these maps also show congestion.


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