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5 Ways Restaurants Can Use QR Codes: From Marketing to Payment

5 Ways Restaurants Can Use QR Codes: From Marketing to Payment
Published on
September 6, 2023

QR codes are often used to track product information in a supply chain. Built-in QR readers in smartphones also enable easy marketing and advertising.

Moreover, restaurant owners are now using QR codes that offer diners a contactless way to view the menu and place orders. QR codes can connect with any URL to help restaurant owners build customer loyalty in several ways.

With online ordering and online payment options, QR scan codes allow restaurants to adopt new-age digital marketing. Here's how restaurants can use QR codes to modify their marketing.

Menu Viewing

Using a QR code will take potential customers directly to the online menu, allowing convenient access from any location. Restaurant owners can also review their menu and update it digitally without ordering new prints. You can reach out to design companies who can create and customize mobile menus specifically for mobile use.

Generating Reviews

QR codes can increase your restaurant's visibility on review sites. Having the QR code printed on a takeout menu or displayed on the table allows customers to visit the review site of their choice. The QR code can also be personalized to automatically offer coupons or discounts after they complete the review.


QR codes can help restaurant owners launch a website or an ordering system. A website makes it easier for consumers to learn about the restaurant's food, style, and values. Considering these factors will not only improve your restaurant's branding but also expand your customer base.

Social Media

You can connect your QR code to social media platforms such as Facebook, and Instagram to build followers. QR codes make it easier for followers to reach out and follow you. In addition to giving your business a modern edge, a solid social media visibility can attract potential customers via frequent updates and customer engagement.

Easy Payment Options

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed payment trends in the business industry worldwide. With increasing demand for contactless payment options, online payments can help your restaurant service run seamlessly and free up your staff for other important tasks.

Online payment solution at a barbershop

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