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Here is What You Get With the Free ScanPay Visa® Debit Card

Here is What You Get With the Free ScanPay Visa® Debit Card
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September 19, 2023

What is the ScanPay VISA® Debit Card?

Imagine not carrying enough cash when you're out shopping and want to buy some items that weren't on your list. That's precisely where the ScanPay VISA® Debit Card helps. For people shopping for heavy equipment or tools, things can go out of budget pretty easily at times.  So it is always better to carry a debit card as a safety net. The ScanPay visa debit card allows you to make payments using funds from your ScanPay Banking Account. Use it for purchases around the globe and online - and you'll never have to worry about carrying cash again. It's safer than carrying cash, more readily accepted than checks, and can be used to make ATM withdrawals.

And guess what? It's free, and you earn cashback rewards with every transaction!

How can I get my hands on the ScanPay VISA® Debit Card?

Getting started is easy. Download the ScanPay App and register your business. Then, you need to follow a couple of steps to verify your business - it just takes 24 hours. However, as a security-first financial technology company, we take utmost care in screening applications for fraud.

You will receive the virtual debit card immediately once you successfully create your ScanPay banking account. We will send the physical debit card via mail to the shipping address provided at the time of registration within seven days of opening the bank account.

Here is how it works.

To start using your physical debit card, you must activate it via the ScanPay app.

Open your ScanPay app and follow these steps -

Click on the ‘Banking’ symbol at the bottom right of the app.

Tap on Cards.

You will see a black colored debit card. Click on 'Manage card.'.

Tap on 'Activate card'.

You're all set to make easy and secure payments with your ScanPay VISA® Debit Card.

You can find all information regarding your debit cards on the ScanPay App under the 'Banking' section, along with other essential details like monthly statements, card limits, and more. You can also take actions like freezing your card, changing the PIN, and more. Managing your cards might sound like a tough job. However, we have ensured that the ScanPay app offers seamless navigation to make your experience smooth.

Here's all you get.

1. Easy Payments

You can add your ScanPay VISA® Debit Card to Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay and spend through those wallets at your favorite shopping destinations.

2. 100% Secure Transactions

ScanPay Banking and debit card transactions are safe and secure. We have insured your ScanPay account for up to US$250,000 through our banking partner, Blue Ridge Bank N.A, a Member of FDIC. In addition to this, we have built world-class security and data encryption to keep your personal and account information safe. Apart from being powered by Stripe, we have ensured that our KYC process guarantees further safety through selfie verification.

3. Backed by Visa

The ScanPay VISA® Debit Card will work at all VISA-accepting points. In addition, VISA's Zero Liability Policy protects every purchase you make with your card. Therefore, you are never responsible for payments that you didn't approve.

4. Exciting Cashback Rewards

You will earn a flat 1% Cashback on all debit card transactions done in-store or on e-commerce websites whenever you use the card to shop, travel or dine.

You can read our cashback policy for more information.

5. No Additional Charges

ScanPay offers both these debit cards without any extra charges, so you don't have to worry about additional costs.

Getting started with the ScanPay VISA® Debit Card is as good as taking a step toward making digital payments smooth and rewarding. Our debit cards come with a host of convenient features that make it easy for you to manage your money anytime, anywhere.

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